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TAKI Crocodile Tail
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Crocodile Tail

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Looking for a natural pet treat that can help relieve asthma symptoms and improve brain health? Look no further than our TAKI crocodile tail product. This unusual pet food is packed with anti-carcinogenic properties.  It is also helpful in alleviating asthma symptoms.

The high levels of HDA compounds in the crocodile tail mean it is great for dogs with low to acute allergies or illnesses. Ailments such as Dermatitis, Pancreatitis, Food intolerance, IBD, and Diabetes. Whether your dog suffers from allergies or any other illness, give them the best possible chance for a healthy and long life with a diet that includes the crocodile tail. It can be used as a treat or as a topper with a main meal.

    10 Convenient Packets | 6g/packet | Can Be Rehydrated 


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