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The bond between you and your furkid is unique, but our love for them is universal. Whether you are adopted by a kitty cat, a doggo or a hammy, Us Furkid People share a common story.

Welcome To Our New Home
New Year

Welcome To Our New Home

Welcome to our new home! TAKI has graduated from kindergarten and is moving into a new phase of its life. We want to take this chance to honor our loyal friends who have been with us since day one.
TAKI Pets King Salmon favourites

How Freeze Drying Pet Food Keeps It Fresh and Nutritious

Freeze-drying is known to result in the highest quality of foods amongst all drying techniques because it maintains structural integrity and preserves flavours.
Hokkaido Scallops

Why Scallops are the Ultimate Pet Treat

Hokkaido Scallops, Nature's superfood for your furkids. Scallops are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and magnesium. They are needed to promote general well-being of your furkids.
Jumping Salmon

King Salmon: The Pet Food That's Taking the World by Storm

King Salmon  is high in oil content. Adding salmon to your dogs diet provides a good source of high-quality protein for them. The combination of vitamins A, B12 and D; along with niacin, thiamine, ...