This started as a Project of Love for our shiba, Taki.

Our friends over at NUDE Seafood made him freeze-dried human grade salmon, and he loved it, so we decided to make more.

Our philosophy is simple:
furkids are family, we give them the best.

100% premium human-grade protein, from our family’s seafood wholesale business and our trusted restaurant suppliers – sashimi salmon, wagyu steak, Hokkaido scallop, spring lamb, and more

Using a unique system, our freeze drying machines processes foods at -40° C, with lowered pressure and sublimation to lock in up to 85% of flavours and nutrients whilst being conveniently shelf-stable.

100% product of Singapore, made in-house at TAKI Lab.

Stable shelf life of 3 months at room temperature, and individually packed for convenience. Perfect as pampering treats or meal toppers.