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TAKI Roar - Wagyu Beef Tartare

8 individual servings - free islandwide delivery

Chef’s Dishes for Furkids!

TAKI Roar is handmade fresh by our chefs as a starter, or as a luxurious meal topper, from the most premium ingredients. Vacuum-packed individually and quickly frozen for convenience, just thaw a portion, and add some magic to your furkid's meal.

Each Wagyu Beef Tartare serving is 40g.

Ingredients : Australia Wagyu Beef (75%), Blueberry, Edamame

Nutritional Analysis : Protein 66.2g min, Fat 67.15g, Fiber 4.4g.

Note:  This product is temperature sensitive, please make sure someone is at home between 12pm to 6pm to receive goods, after that please put it into freezer immediately.

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Feeding Guidelines

TAKI Roar is meant to be a starter dish or meal topper. Introduce TAKI Roar gradually over 3 days, if your furkid is new to raw diet.


Always provide sufficient amount of fresh water.


We recommend speaking to your vet or nutritionist at any point if you are unsure.

  • Storage

    Keep in the freezer immediately upon receiving the delivery.

    Keep frozen at all times, thaw invididual portions as needed before consumption.

    Do not refreeze once thawed.

  • Shelf Life

    30 days in the freezer
    2 days in the chiller.

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