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Bring Your Furkid On a Vacation

Enjoy our specially curated themed holiday experiences at TAKI Labs with your furkid, located at 34 Siglap Drive. Make memories and have a fun-filled day topped off with our some of our finest house-made premium treats!

$29.80 - $35.80 per hooman
$19.80 - $28.80 per furkid

Bookings required; payment on pawty day itself; prices subject to 10% service charge





I’ve always dreamt of bringing Buddy, my Shiba Inu, on a big road trip. This dreamshaped how we designed TAKI Lab and its experiences. It will bring you and your furkids far away, on a holiday in an oasis that is safe, clean, and air-conditioned. We hope our space can create magical moments and memories forUs Furkid People.

Love, Nick (Co-founder, TAKI)

What's In The Package

Picnic Experience

Kick back, relax and take a TAKI Holiday with your loved ones.

100 mins of play-cation with the Japanese picnic for both hoomans and furkids in the comfort of a climate controlled environment.

Picnic Basket For Hooman

Choice of Smoked Duck & Pork Teishoku, Norwegian Brunch, TAKI High Tea or Scallop & Wagyu Teishoku.

Picnic Basket For Furkid

Choice of cooked Pork Shabu Shabu, cooked Salmon Steak, cooked Salmon Tartare or raw Beef Tartare.

Each meal comes with 2 packets of TAKI Treats.

Choice of Menu

Smoked Duck & Pork Teishoku


Chilled Ibonoito handmade somen, tsuyu dip
Smoked Duck
Pork Shabu Shabu with Aka Miso

Norwegian Brunch


• Grilled Norwegian sashimi-grade Salmon Fillet
• Butter Criossant
• Seasoned Edamame
• Fruits in Season

Scallop and Wagyu Teishoku Meal

Scallop & Wagyu Teishoku


• Hokkaido Scallop & Seaweed Aioli
• Wagyu Hamburg Steak
• Ibonoito Chilled Somen
• Tamagoyaki
• Edamame
• Shibazuke
• Daifuku mochi

TAKI High Tea


• Scones
• Choux Pastries
• Eclairs
• French Macarons
• Pretzels and Fruits in Season

Furkid Menu

Pork Shabu Shabu (80g)
Or Salmon Steak (65g)

Raw Beef Tartare (120g)
Or Cooked Salmon Tartare (120g)

Each meal comes with 2 packets of TAKI Treats.

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