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TAKI Holiday

Retail Experience


'TAKI Holiday' - bespoke retail experience at TAKI Lab

Our lovingly designed shophouse on 34 Siglap Drive is an air-conditioned oasis for furkids and hoomans to shop, explore, and make memories. It’s a Furkid Clubhouse with experiences to complements our house-made premium pet treats:

  • Aussie Brunch
  • Japanese Picnic


Aussie Brunch

Filled with sunshine and laughter, our brunch experience is available 10am-6pm on weekends and holidays, and Wed–Fri from 12pm-6pm. Reservations are highly recommended as we’d like to keep the TAKI experience zen and relaxing


Aussie For Hoomans

  • Smoked Pork & Garlic Sausage
  • Virginia Ham
  • Cheese-stuffed Shiitake Mushroom
  • Salami
  • Avocado
  • French Butter Croissant
  • Sunny-Side Up Eggs
  • Charred Corn
  • Hash Brown
  • Fruits in Season
  • Greek Yoghurt with Granola


Solo $31.9 | Sharing Platter $63.8


 Aussie For Furkids

  • Lightly-grilled Norwegian Sashimi-grade Salmon
  • Tasting of 2 TAKI Treats




Japanese Picnic

Inspired by Japan’s beauty and bounty, our Japanese picnic experience is also available 10am-6pm on weekends and holidays, and Wed–Fri from 12pm-6pm. Reservations are highly recommended too


Japan For Hoomans

  • Chilled Somen (the legendary Ibonoito handmade somen from Hyogo Prefecture, Japan) with Tsuyu dip
  • Smoked Duck
  • Shabu Shabu of Pork, Aka Miso
  • Fruits and Nuts
  • Seasonal Sweets


Solo $31.9


Japan For Furkids

  • Pork Shabu Shabu
  • Tasting of 2 TAKI Treats




Due to system limitation, one booking ticket only allow you to select one meal option. If you want to order combination of meal options. please help us to enter 2 tickets. Eg. 6 pax booking, 3 select Japanese Somen and 3 select Aussie brunch, please help us to enter 2 tickets, 1 indicates 3 Jap, the other one indicates 3 Aussies.  likewise for furkids meal options. Tables are for a maximum of 2 hours from your booking time. Help us by honouring your reservation, else we’d have wastage.

*Request for furkids to wear diapers in our space please, to keep it clean and hygienic for everyone. Please bring your own diapers, or get one from us at $1. If furkid doesn’t wear a diaper, and does ‘business’ in our place, we will charge a $30 cleaning fee. Thank you. 

Inspiration: TAKI Holiday

I’ve always dreamt of bringing Buddy, my Shiba Inu, on a big road trip. This dream shaped how we designed TAKI Lab and its experiences. It’s to bring you and your furkids far away, on a holiday. We hope our space can create magical moments and memories for Us Furkid People



Co-founder, TAKI


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Booking Beyond 5 Pax?

Woof, Taki would love to celebrate any special events with you. Contact us via our chat button or text us at 9756 8191 for a tailored experience.

  • Picnic Experience

    Kick back, relax and take a TAKI Holiday with your loved ones.


    100 mins of play-cation with the Japanese picnic for both hoomans and furkids in the comfort of a climate controlled environment

  • Japanese Picnic Basket (Hooman)

    Chilled Ibonoito Handmade Somen
    Smoked Duck, Tsuyu Dip
    Shabu Shabu of Pork
    Aka Miso, Ponzu & Goma Dip


    Sweets Platter
    French Macarons, Dried Fruits and Nuts


    Plus a drink for each guest

  • Japanese Picnic Basket (Furkid)

    2x TAKI Treats

    Shabu Shabu of Pork

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