Meet the Pack behind TAKI! Diverse, colourful, and unified by our love for furkids. Putting furkids first is our North Star, and it guides the things we do, the decisions we make. Us Furkid People—this is our story, and it’s yours too.

  • TAKI


    Hello I’m Taki, I am a lockdown baby, and I’m a red Shiba boy. My motto is Love. I love the people around me and they love me back. I give them my heart and they take care of me. And make me lots of yummy food. We’re buddies. Come be my buddy too! ❤🐾



    I am a “lockdown” baby and my papa told me I am the best thing to happen to him during this last two years.. I was never a “perfect” kid, I had bad recurring diarrhoea when I was young and was later diagnosed with a genetic defect called enamel hypoplasia. This weakens my teeth and causes it to be stained, so I can’t really bite hard stuff, and my papa only feeds me food & treats that are softer in texture. My papa often mocks me and calls me “Ugly Betty”, but I know he loves me deeply. Since I have sensitive teeth, I don't bite, instead, I love to kiss everyone around me. Next time when you see me, approach me gently and I will certainly give you a big passionate kiss. 😘💋

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  • Nick Kuang


    Born in China, schooled in Australia, rooted in Singapore. I’ve led a colourful and nomadic life. After 10 years in banking, I decided to pursue my dream of being an entrepreneur. I joined NUDE Seafood as a partner, and 3 years later, created TAKI—a furkid lifestyle concept—with my business partners. That same year, I became a pawrent to Buddy, a beautiful Shiba Inu. For the first time in a long while, I feel very settled and grounded. With my family abroad, Buddy lives up to his name, fills the void in my heart, and gives me joy and purpose. Now, my life is devoted to two simple, joyful things—Buddy, and TAKI.



    I’ve always loved feeding people. I also have a fear of starvation, not only for myself, but for the people around me. Therefore, opening a restaurant after a good run in consulting at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) felt like the most natural thing. Plus, my family is in seafood wholesale, at Hai Sia Seafood. Thus, NUDE Seafood was born in 2014.

    In 2019, Taki the Shiba Inu came into our lives. It’s our first furkid, and I was awed—how did he find his way so quickly and so deeply into my heart? He’s not a pet, he’s family. So my love for feeding people extended to feeding furkids. We use all our resources and know-how from NUDE Seafood to create TAKI, our furkid lifestyle concept. TAKI in Chinese is 大喜, and it reflects our philosophy for both hoomans and furkids—Happy Team, Happy Food, Happy Guests/Furkids.

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  • DBN


    My journey with TAKI started from 2014, when I came to Singapore to pursue my Fine Arts Degree at Lasalle College of The Arts.

    After graduating, I was fortunate enough to join NUDE as their designer and marketer. During which, the chef of NUDE created TAKI, and I was seconded to be a part of the team in 2020.

    I have a vision of developing TAKI into a trusted pet food brand, as well as an integrated part of the furkid community.

    As a happy-go-lucky kid, who is born and raised in Sai Gon, Vietnam, with a passion to travel the world, this is part of my journey to spread happy vibes to everyone around me.

  • Avin Tan


    Having spent the last 12 years working in the non-profit sector; I enjoy backpacking, hiking and experimenting with local foods in my free time. Since I was a child, I’ve felt very strongly about the rights of animal and how important it is care for the environment.

    My furkids are a source of courage, strength and source of solace, and have been an integral part of my life since I was 13. I’ve had about 8 dogs, mostly rescued and they have taught me to a great deal about life. They have shown me how some love, tenderness and patience can transform a scared, neglected soul.

  • Brandon Chin


    A deep-rooted love for our classic dishes around our region is guided by my penchant for the old and a quirky observation of the present. My creations forms a bridge that brings us to the past, presented in a modern interpretation.

    My dad with his appreciation for different food cultures was a superb home cook, shaped my worldview and my philosophy on food. After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School, I have had the opportunity to work in various roles in the F&B industry.

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