Furkids are family, we want them to be part of life’s big moments. Furkid and hooman birthdays, furkid and hooman weddings, engagement parties, barista training for teambuilding, private dinners—we’ve done them all with flair at TAKI, with furkids alongside.

  • Furkid Birthday

    Delicious food for furkids and hoomans, great vibes in an airconditioned space, with room to run around and play (pictured: Uni Turns 4)

  • Furkid Wedding & Life Milestones

    Once in a lifetime, made truly special and memorable (Pictured: Angel & Snow’s wedding)

  • Hooman Weddings

    Intimate, beautiful, bespoke, magical—celebrate your big day with a boutique, artistic party (Pictured: S&J’s engagement)

  • Corporate events

    A special and intimate setup brings people at work closer (Pictured Peer Power team building night)

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  • Three standard options and more

    Menu’s can be our Aussie Brunch or Japanese Picnic, or Canapé, or it can be something rather more bespoke and lavish—Auction-grade Uni and Toro from Toyosu Market in Japan, Hokkaido Pork Shabu Shabu with Ichiban Dashi and Medley of Seasonal Vegetables, Alaskan King Crab, Hokkaido Scallops, and more

Japanese Somen Set

Chilled Somen (the legendary Ibonoito handmade somen from Hyogo Prefecture, Japan) with Tsuyu dip

Smoked Duck

Shabu Shabu of Pork, Aka Miso

Nuts & Seasonal Sweets

Aussie Brunch

Virginia Ham, Salami

Smoked Pork & Garlic Sausage

Cheese-stuffed Shiitake Mushroom

Charred Corn, Sunny-Side Up Egg

Avocado & Fruits in Season 

Greek Yoghurt with Granola

French Butter Croissant

TAKI Canapé

Teriyaki smoked duck focaccia

Char siew pork belly lotus bun

Potato cake with sesame dressing

Siew Mai


Furkid meals

Pork Shabu Shabu

or Lightly-grilled Norwegian Sashimi-grade Salmon 

and Tasting of 2 TAKI Treats


(Pictured Angel and Snow, they get "married" at TAKI Lab in April 2022 )

Chef in the House

Our Chef, Francis Ee, is World Gourmet Summit’s Rising Chef of the Year 2022, so you’ll be in very good hands. 

  • Classic package

    - $38 per hooman, including food (choice of Aussie Brunch, Japanese Picnic, or Canapes) and a drink.

    - $19.8 per furkid, it comes with food (choice of grilled Norwegian salmon or Iberico pork shabu shabu).

    - The minimum spend per bill for exclusive use of our space is $500 for 2 hours, and $200 for each additional hour after. ( eg. $38 * 15 hooman + $19.8 *7 furkids = $518.6, YAY it has hit our minimum spend for a two hour event)

    - You can also purchase drinks or TAKI freeze dried products to hit the minimum spend requirement

    - Our prices are NETT price

    - NO outside food & drinks with this package

  • Flexi package

    - This package aims to give our host the flexibility to handle a situation that some guests or furkids do not want any food.

    - We will still charge $38 per hooman and $19.8 per furkid. Some can option out food selection, instead they can spend the equivalent amount ( $38/hooman, $19.8/furkid) on drinks or TAKI freeze dried products, or vouchers.

    - For example, 1 guest and 1 furkid don't want any food, they can spend $57.8 ($38 + $19.8) to buy 2 boxes of TAKI Salmon and 2 drinks, Yay, it works too )

    - minimum spend of $500, additional hour after is $200 still pertains.

    - NO outside food & drinks with this package


  • Rental-only option

    - We also have a rental-only option to use our space without ordering food at $200 per hour for a minimum of 2 hours.

    - The minimum spend of $500 per event still pertains

    - You can buy TAKI products or vouchers to hit $500 minimum spend

    - You are allowed to bring outside drinks & food with this package.


Lifelong Memories

We can also be your florist, photographer, and designer too. Click the chat bubble below to discuss your event, and make lifelong memories together with your furkids.

Let's Create Memories

To let us help you better, drop us an email with the following details or click the chat button to chat with one of our representatives.

Details to include - Date of event, Type of even, Number of hoomans, Number of furkids, Budget.