Furkids are family, we want them to be part of life’s big moments. Furkid and hooman birthdays, furkid and hooman weddings, engagement parties, barista training for teambuilding, private dinners—we’ve done them all with flair at TAKI, with furkids


Menu’s can be our Aussie Brunch or Japanese Picnic, or it can be something rather more lavish—Auction-grade Uni and Toro from Toyosu Market in Japan, Hokkaido Pork Shabu Shabu with Ichiban Dashi and Medley of Seasonal Vegetables, Alaskan King Crab, Hokkaido Scallops, and more

Chef in the House

Our Chef, Francis Ee, is World Gourmet Summit’s Rising Chef of the Year 2022, so you’ll be in very good hands. 

Our Space

For events, there is a minimum spending of $500 for exclusive use of the space for 2 hours. Every one hour increment, minimum spending increase $200. There is also a minimum spend of $35 per hooman to spend on food & drinks.

No minimum spending
requirement on furkid’s meal.

Our space can also be rent-out only for $200+/hour, for a minimum of 2 hours.

Good for company events. (minimum spending $500, eg. For a 2 hours event, one can order
drinks, food, even TAKI products to make it up to $500)
You may order drinks on ala carte, alternate option is 2 hrs free-flow drinking package
for $15. Corkage is $20 for wine, $30 for hard liquor. ( For free-flow drinking package,
corkage is waived)

We can also be your florist, photographer, and designer
Text us at 97568191 to discuss your event, and make lifelong memories together with
your furkids


"My group of 12 close friends had a cozy private dinner at TAKI - the food warmed our hearts and the team prepared a camping experience under the stars. We will come back again!"


Barkday Parties

'It was a great experience celebrating Uni’s Birthday.
The ambiance was very welcoming and chill.
Amazing food with beautiful presentation and wonderful service.
They made us feel welcomed and gave us an amazing experience, we will definitely be back again."



"Taki pets is an excellent place for family and friends to gather and have fun with their furry companions. We organised our dogs' wedding and the staff were super accommodating and friendly! It was a truly memorable and enjoyable time for us at Taki pets. Oh and the hoomans and doggies love their food and taki treats. Highly recommended place to go for gathering and events.👍"

- Mr Teo

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Text us at 97568191 to discuss your event, and make lifelong memories together with your furkids

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