Dehydrated goodies from Kagoshima are back in stock !

The highest quality dehydrated goodies for furkids, sent by our friends from Kyushu, Japan, are now back in stock !

They are the first-hand dealer in Kagoshima Wagyu, and used to send our restaurant A4 and A5 wagyu directly from the farms. Like us, they were inspired by their furkids to pivot into pet food, and they took their expertise in meat sourcing and butchery to produce this exceptional range.

Japanese passion + perfectionism, combined with Kagoshima’s sunshine and fertile soil. Bring your furkids to the wide, lush meadows of these rich volcanic lands surrounded by the shining sea, farmed by expert human hands

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    We make our products with a wide range of supercharged premium ingredients, selected to meet the nutritional needs of your furkids. They are made with advanced technologies to lock in the maximum amount of nutrients & flavours that your furkid will love.

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    Meet Taki (大喜), he’s the treasure of the family, and he’s one picky eater. So our chefs at NUDE Seafood set out to win his heart through his tummy. They made some freeze-dried sashimi salmon and Taki loved it; he introduced it to all his furiends, and they loved it too.

    Today, TAKI Treats has outgrown the nursery, and we’re ready for the world. Welcome to TAKI Pets.

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    Freeze-drying dates back to the 13th century. and is known to result in the highest quality of all preservation techniques. Using a unique system, our freeze drying machines processes foods at -40° C, with lowered pressure and sublimation to lock in up to 85% of flavours and nutrients whilst being conveniently shelf-stable.

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